Bear Grylls 21W Solar Mat

Power Technology

Bear Grylls 21W Solar Mat - £99.99 / $199.99 / €109.99

Charge your adventure using the solar power of the sun with the Bear Grylls 21W Solar Panel Mat. The lightweight, ultra-thin and water-resistant design makes it invaluable for an outdoor adventure where you are working with and against the elements. All you need is sunlight and a USB cable to charge your device. The solar mat is IP64 dustproof and waterproof, so you can easily take it with you in any weather and environment.

It’s the perfect way to power your devices on the go and as an added bonus, the built-in live ammeter clearly shows the amount of power you are generating from the sun, so you can optimise your charging time.

The solar panel comes with a drawstring bag and manual, and insures you always have a power source wherever you are.


Solar power technology:

Enjoy the great outdoors and stay powered up using the limitless power of the sun. Simply fold out the solar panels or attach to your pack to connect and charge using the two USB ports.

Lightweight and ultra-thin:

The compact design (30 x 16cm folded or 30 × 50cm unfolded) and durable, stainless-steel eye-holes built into each corner makes attaching the mat to your backpack or anywhere super easy. The ultra-lightweight (500g) and thin (3cm folded and 1mm unfolded) mat can bend to fit comfortably into and over your daypack.

"This is an awesome piece of kit that harnesses the power of the sun and can easily be strapped to your backpack. A no-fuss way to stay charged up."

Durable and heavy-duty:

The three solar panels are sealed into the weatherproof material, ensuring the mat is able to withstand any situation, rain or shine, during your outdoor adventure.

Fast charging technology:

The fast charging technology will have you charged and ready-to-go in no time. With enough direct sunlight, the two USB output provides its fastest possible charging speed up to 2.4A and is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other USB-charged devices.

Built-in ammeter:

The built-in ammeter always lets you know how much charge you’re receiving from the sunlight. Just plug in your device and the solar mats’ built-in ammeter calculates the current USB amp output being generated by the solar panels. Optimise your charge by finding the best sunlight to charge in.

IP64 Dustproof and Waterproof:

Ready to hit the elements with you when you’re out and about, the 21W mat can withstand whatever you may face outdoors and any weather conditions with its rating of IP6 Dustproof and IP4 Waterproof.

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