Bear Grylls 3000mAh Power Bank

Power Technology

Bear Grylls 3000mAh Power Bank - £29.99 / $34.99 / €32.99

Back-up charge at your fingertips with the small but mighty, Bear Grylls 3000mAh Power Bank.

This extra lightweight charger fits snuggly in your pocket for a quick boost of power if a battery runs low on an adventure, holiday or even a music festival.

Charge everything from smartphones to speakers no matter where you are with either the built-in Micro USB or Lightning® cables.

This kit includes everything you need, including a nylon micro USB cable, to get you charged up for your next adventure.


Charge your adventure:

This power bank is a mini power bank with 3000mAh battery capacity. Keep this emergency back-up charge on you and benefit from its lightweight and compact design and two built-in cables, all-in-one and ready to go.

3000mAh battery - recharge your phone 1-2 times:

The 3000mAh battery means you can charge your smartphone up to two times over without recharging the bank, making It a great back-up charger to have on you when you need a little boost. When you need to recharge, simply connect using one of the built-in cables.

"This is the Swiss Army Knife of chargers, so lightweight, you might even forget it’s there. A fantastic back-up that fits snuggly in your pocket."

Lightweight and compact / charge anywhere:

Never be caught out by not having a back-up emergency charge nearby. You don't want to be weighed down on an adventure and the design of this power bank is slim, lightweight and compact, easily fitting inside your bag or pocket to take with you anywhere. With two built-in cables, it delivers fast and safe charging of devices including smartphones, smartwatches, fitness bands, speakers and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

LED display:

The four LED lights display remaining battery power when you are using or charging the power bank. The lights are handy and easy to read when you're on-the-go and need to check how much battery power you have remaining. Be prepared for any adventure.

Safety and quality:

The battery cells efficiently provide an optimal output of power while remaining perfectly safe to use. Designed and built with quality, the power bank monitors the voltage and circuitry so it  will not overheat and harm your devices. The ultimate safety. 

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